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Lait Hydratant Côté Sud Parfums pour le corps

Côté Sud Parfums 300ml Hydrating Body Milk


Côté Sud Nourishing Dry Body Oil

Huiles sèches nourrissantes pour le corps composées de 98% d'ingrédients d'origine naturelle Côté Sud Parfums

Re SOURCE Dry Body Oils


Nourishes, repairs and hydrates the body, face and hair.

A long lasting luxury hydration treatment for the skin made from a blend of sweet almond oil and sunflower oils. Contains a minimum of 98% natural origin ingredients.

Its anti-oxidant action and its effect on reducing the appearance of stretch marks make it your everyday ally. Thanks to its inimitable dry oil texture and its addictive “Water Flowers” fragrance, RE SOURCE dry body oil provides a real moment of pleasure.

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Re SOURCE dry oils nourish, repair and sublimate the face, body and hair.

Luxury skincare treatments made of 98% natural origin ingredients offering long-lasting hydration on the skin of the face and body.

The anti-oxidant action and the effect on reducing the appearance of stretch marks make it your everyday ally. Thanks to their inimitable dry oil texture and their addictive “Fleurs d’eau” fragrance, these skincare products provide a real moment of pleasure.

Made in Italy, Filled in France 3×10 ML glass bottles

Fragrance “Water Flowers”

“A pure fragrance like spring water. A note of cucumber, watermelon and sagebrush marks the beginning of this fragrance. Feminine notes of pink and violet are harmoniously balanced by masculine touches of sandalwood and grey amber.” Olivier Decoster, Our Perfumer.

Head notes:

Geranium of Egypt, Armoise, Melon, Rosewood

Heart Notes:

Violet of Parma, Damascus Rose

Background Notes:

Santal, Amber-Grey, Cedar Atlas

Re SOURCE, The Collection.

Re SOURCE is above all an invitation to return to nature but also to preserve the environment.

The products in this collection comply with the Ecocert and Cosmos charter, and are composed of a minimum of 95% of ingredients of natural origin. Next, the collection offers biodegradable ingredients based on renewable vegetable raw materials and is enhanced with a 100% recyclable packaging.

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