Spend a moment in one with this must-see duo.

3-in-1 solid shampoo is a multifunctional product as it acts as shampoo, after shampoo, shower gel, shaving cream and traditional soap. It moisturizes, detangles and softens its components with nourishing ingredients.

Concentrated without water,it cleans all parts of the body in depth; different from shampoos and shower gels made up of 70% water.

It also has the advantage of being eco-responsible since it is plastic-free, zero waste, bio-degradable and recyclable like its sidekick: dry oil, which sublimates and soothes the skin effectively.

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Re SOURCE dry body oil :

A luxury treatment with botanical oils and 98% natural ingredients. Offers long-lasting hydration on the skin of the face and body. Its anti-oxidant action and its effect on reducing the appearance of stretch marks make it your everyday ally. With its dry oil texture and addictive fragrance with notes of melon, cucumber, rose and sandalwood, this treatment provides a real moment of pleasure.

Oil from Italy Hand-filled in France 3 x 10ML

The 3-in-1 Spring Solid Shampoo:

Take it with you wherever you go. Some will prefer to welcome their guests with an eco-responsible practice, some will consider making a memorable trip with this all-purpose care while others will opt for a complete workout.

No Plastics and Zero Waste

Naked in an FSC cardboard box without plastic packaging.

Ingredients with 98% Natural Origin

Natural formula with honeyquat (derived from honey), amaranth protein and willow bark for its nourishing and detangling active ingredients.

Multifunctional Care, 3en1

Moisturizing and very soft, this product can be used as shampoo and conditioner, shower gel, traditional face and hand soap and even as a shaving cream.

Practical and economical

No sorting and no bottle to recharge. An affordable option that will replace several products and will serve for 10 to 15 washes.

In addition, as you will not only receive a solid 100g shampoo bar but 3 30g bars, you will be able to introduce this product to all members of the family, which proves to be very convenient!



Concentrated without water for a drastically reduced carbon footprint with zero impact on our oceans and ecosystems.



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