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Triple milled vegetal and glycerine based soap with rich generous lather and the lasting scent of Figue de Grenade. 

Luxurious long lasting soaps that retain their fragrance week after week. Perfect for hands and body. 

A pure vegetable natural soap with active and organic ingredients made in Italy using the handcrafted method of saponification and pure palm oils. 

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Fragrance "Agrumes de Calabre"

“A sunny, floral citrus perfume with notes of sweet fig, vanilla and wood to enhance this warm fragrance full of flowers” Olivier Decoster

Top Notes: Italian Bergamot, Pink Grapefruit essence, Orange zest from Brazil, Geranium essence from Egypt  

Heart Notes:  Jasmine absolute, Turkish Rose absolute 

Base Notes:  Vetiver de Java, White Musk

Côté Sud Parfums

The Côté Sud Parfums collection was inspired by the perfumer, Olivier Decoster’s great love for the Mediterranean and is available in the choice of two sunny fragrances.

Unique hair, bath, and body care products made to evoke memories of destinations where the sun shines bright and the skies are always blue.


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