Reed Fragrance Diffuser | “Bois Précieux”

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Relax, breath in and enjoy a unique olfactory experience.

We love these perfume diffusers, handmade in small series by the HD Fragrances team. Once placed into the aromatic liquid, the porous fibre reeds will draw the liquid up and the fragrance is diffused from the reeds into the air.

A warm fragrance evoking the well-being of a wood fire in a refined universe. A plethora of noble essences: cedar, sandalwood and cypress skillfully spiced by Ceylon cinnamon; Zanzibar cloves and Guatemalan cardamom. Finally, a touch of vanilla softens its fragrance rich with character.

250 ml glass bottle with 8 extra long fiber sticks to create a warm ambiance.

Made in France 250ml diffuser set

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Long lasting natural and luxury fragrance diffuser with the “Bois Précieux” fragrance; Eau de toilette for your home.

A true sensory accent for each room that diffuses a constant pleasing fragrance.

HD Fragrances perfumed reed diffusers will naturally and efficiently disperse the fragrance into your interior.

Once placed in the aromatic perfumed concentrate, the fiber sticks will draw the liquid upwards and the fragrance will be diffused.

Perfume diffusers are fantastic for the home or office because they emit a subtle scent, so the fragrance is never too invasive. Candles last a few hours, flowers a few days, but a diffuser will diffuse its perfume for several months.

Also enhance your interiors with these diffusers designed to appeal to home design enthusiasts.

To make the perfect use of our diffusers, simply open the bottle and insert the reeds into the perfume infusion. Then wait for the liquid to be infused by the sticks. Finally, let the “Bois Précieux” fragrance spread throughout the room to envelop your home. Today we invite you to add a touch of elegance to your interior.

Perfume Reed Diffuser “Bois Précieux” | Made in France | 250ml.

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