Shampoo & Body Milk Set | Côté Sud Parfums Collection


Discover the inseparable duo in 60ml tubes.

Two best sellers from the Côté Sud Parfums collection that is inspired by the perfumer, Olivier Decoster’s great love for the Mediterranean. Choice of two sunny fragrances. Unique hair, bath, and body care products made to evoke memories of destinations where the sun shines bright and the skies are always blue.that were designed to evoke the memory of destinations where the sun shines and the sky is always blue.

The Côté Sud Parfums gentle shampoo will bring shine and vitality to your hair while the body milk will soothe and moisturize your body.

Mineral Oil-Free. No Paraben, No Phthalate, No Silicone


Made in Italy 2 x 60 ml tubes

The fragrance “Agrumes de Calabre”:

“This energizing fragrance opens with multiple notes of fresh citrus and bergamote mixed with elegant floral notes that provide a perfect blend of freshness and warmth for a day in the sun.” Olivier Decoster, Founder and Perfumer of HD Fragrances


  • Bergamot from Italy
  • Pink grapefruit essence
  • Orange zest from Brazil
  • Egyptian geranium essence


  • Jasmine Absolute
  • Turkish Rose Absolute


  • Java vetiver essence
  • White Musk





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