A collection characterized by its purity and the desire to to return to the balance of oneself with nature.

Unique bath & body products composed of 98% natural origin ingredients blended with a fresh fragrance made to evoke the white purity of lotus, peony and water lilies.

RE SOURCE will convert you with its eco-responsible initiatives and authentic products.

Re SOURCE Bath & Body Care Products

Solid 3in1 Shampoo

An invitation to recharge your sense of well being and adopt ecological practices at home!

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Body Oils

A blend of sweet almond oil and sunflower oil to deeply nourish and hydrate the skin, face and hair.

Pure Vegetal Soap

An extra gentle bath and hand soap made from natural ingredients for deliciously scented hands.


Solid Shampoo 3in1

The RE SOURCE solid shampoo has an extra conditioning formula that makes it ideal as a shampoo, body wash and soap for hands and face. Great also as a shaving cream.


98% Natural Origin Ingredients

With over 98% natural origin ingredients including honeyquat, amaranth protein and willowbark for extra nourishment and detangling.  Made without sulphates, silicone or preservatives.  Great for your hair and skin.  Better for the environment.

Plastic Free

Packaged responsibly without plastic in a recyclable carton box.

Multi Functional

This incredible product will replace your shampoo, conditioner, shower gel, and bath soap. You can even use it as a shaving cream. The Swiss Army knife of solid cosmetics.

Hydrating, Detangling and Extra Gentle

The Re SOURCE solid shampoo conditions and detangles the hair and while hydrating and soothing the skin thanks to the added active ingredeients.

Practical and Economical

An affordable price for a cosmetic product with a lifespan of between 15 and 20 uses (for each 30g bar) which can be transported everywhere and which can be used at any time.

Concentrated without Water

High performance and a rich generous lather ensures a perfect daily washing routine. Feel good about a drastically reduced carbon footprint thanks to its concentrated composition without water; different from liquid shampoos and shower gels that can be made with more than 85% water.

How to use

Here are 3 steps for you to take full advantage of the full functionality offered by RE SOURCE solid shampoo.

  1. Wet the surface of the product with water.
  2. Rub your hands together for about 5 seconds to create a rich lather.
  3. Apply the product to the body or hair using your hands or a washcloth and happiness is created!
  4. In the shower, feel free to apply the solid shampoo directly to your hair for an even more abundant lather.

Body Oil

Take a moment to treat yourself

The mixture of sweet almond oil and sunflower oil quickly absorbed for an immediate soothing of the skin and face.  The dry oil formula means  your skin is silky to the touch.

A luxury treatment made from with natural vegetable oils and 98% natural ingredients providing long-lasting hydration on the skin of the face and body.

Its anti-oxidant action and its effect on reducing the appearance of stretch marks make it your daily ally. Thanks to its inimitable dry oil texture and its addictive “Fleurs d’eau” fragrance, this body care product provides a real moment of pleasure.

Nourish and Hydrate your skin with Re SOURCE dry body oil.

Pure Vegetal Soaps

Composed of 98% of ingredients of natural origin.

Discover these pure vegetable and glycerine based soaps, with a generous lather and the scented notes of “Fleur d’eau”.

Gently cleanse your hands and body while enjoying the delicate fragrance evoking the purity of lotus, peony and water lilies.