Joséphine – The newest fragrance in the About Rose Collection

Created by the perfumer Olivier Decoster, the About Rose Joséphine fragrance is now available in a limited edition 190g perfumed candle.

Reminiscent of the gardens of Château de Malmaison, the Joséphine range is perfumed with a minimalist rose floral composition with hints of musk, amber and vanilla.

Each candle is hand poured using a blend of high quality vegetal and paraffin wax and offers 50 hours of pure fragrance bliss. Welcome your guests in a truly refined environment or simply enjoy it yourself during a long hot bubble bath.

Let the sensual notes of About Rose Joséphine intoxicate you. Order your candle today.

Watch for new products in the About Rose Joséphine range arriving early in 2016.

Introducing the About Rose Perfumed Candle scented with our Joséphine fragrance | Part of the About Rose Collection